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Fairly Freaksome

Das Hoj
18 August 1982
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Only f-locked so my coworkers can't find out just how strange I am. Other than that, I have no shame. Friend away and I'll friend ya back!

If anyone asks, I am merely a high-powered financial professional (yes, actually) with aspirations no more strange or lofty than paying my mortgage on time. This secret identity allows me, by night, to read way too many books and work on a generally blasphemous series of fantasy novels. Dark stuff, dramatic stuff, magic vs. technology, men vs. gods...

Admittedly, I've been slacking in that department lately. Instead I've fallen down the fanfiction rabbit hole and hidden the spoils HERE. (Mostly Dragon Age)

And so as to prevent confusion with any internet acronyms, an explanation of the username:

title or description

See? I'm not a "bad ass" anything. I just rather enjoy the smell of brimstone. Especially when it's accompanied by the appearance of a dashing, German swashbuckler. ;)